Jharkhali island is an amazing getaway of Sundarban. You can Travel By Car From Kolkata. You Can also travel By Train. Nerest Railway station is Canning. Jharkhali Resorts (Sundarban) Jharkhali is an ideal place for its natural Look and its helophytic Mangrove Forest. Every day’s Meany travelers come to jharkhali for Picnic or Sundarban Travel. Travelers Can Stay at the resorts of Jharkhali. Now a mini Zoo open At Jhorkhali Islands to protect Tigers. People also may see royal Bengal tiger There. 30+ resorts Avilable in Jharkhali.

Coordinates: 22°2’8″N  88°41’56″E

Distance From Kolkata to Sundarban: 98 Km By car

Main Attraction Of Jharkhali:

  • Deep Mangrove Forest Opposite the Rive.
  • Park with mangrove Plants.
  • Forest Watch tower.
  • Tiger Room- You may see Royal Bengal Tiger here.
  • Natural Place for Picnic.

Book a motor Boat and Travel Inside the Sundarban.

Road Direction For  Jharkhali (Sundarban National park):

  • Sealdha to Canning by Train.
  • Canning to Jharkhali Bazar by Bus.
  • Jharkhali Park (Samabay Park) by cycle Van from Jharkhali Bazaar.

Hotels at  Jharkhali , Sundarban:

  • Meany Hotels and Resorts Avilible at Jharkhali .

Foods In Jharkhali Eco park:

  • Visit hotel For food.
  • Batter is when you arrive at park then order food at Hotel Also you can buy all materials and Cook by Villagers.